How to use Expired Domain Spy

Expired Domain Spy is a simple but powerful tool to find Expired Domains.

¿How does it work?

  • Expired domain Spy needs a website to start running.
  • Select a website from a competitor, a newspaper or blog related to your money site, a directory or a national website with high authority.
  • Expired Domain Spy will crawl every page of the website and every outlink.
  • As soon as it finds a domain not longer in use and free to register, the tools will show its metrics in the main window.
  • At the end, you get a list of domains with links from the website you selected

1. Select a domain


2. Check all expired domains founded and free to register


3. If you see anything you like, go to godaddy/namecheap or your favorite registrar and purchase the domain before anyone else spot that gem. If you don´t find anything interesting, just rinse and repeat with another website.

¿Why is not automatic?

Other tools that present information within seconds, they are using a central database where they store those dropped domains. All clients have the same access to that database and look for the same domains.

¿Why Expired Domain Spy is different?

It is you own private crawler. You decides what to crawl, what niche, what domains, and find domains nobody have access to.

Example and Case Study

Mike wishes to rank for a specific keyword. He then decides to search top domains ranking for that keyword, magazines within the industry, papers or other institutions related to that keyword.
Mike runs every single of those domains through Expired Domain Spy

The tools crawl those websites looking for domains. All links from these domains is checked. Expired Domain Spy will select all domains that are no longer working and free to register.


In a newspaper, 2 years ago they did an article about a similar product Mike is selling. That project went bankcrupt and the domain is not renewed anymore. That domains still has links from authority sites pointing to it.

Addons and other options

2 great options were added during December 2015, and we keep looking for ideas to improve Expired Domain Spy

Expired Domain Spy find those website and pull all the metrics from MOZ and Majestic, so you can check in seconds the quality of the backlinks.


Addon 1. Crawl any Archive Page


Sometimes it´s difficult to find domains with many free website available to register. You can check old snapshots of these domains with archive or even choose websites that are not longer online but they were important a few years ago.

Chances are, if a former authority site had a link to websiteA, that websiteA probably has other interesting links from other domains. Spot that gems using Expired Domain Spy with archive URLS.



Addon 2. Crawl External Domains

If you are looking for domains in a very specific niche with thin to medium websites, this options is very interesting for you. You can select a website to start crawling looking for available domains.

Any domain Expired Domain Spy finds, create a new search. it fires a new threat and search in the outlinks of the domain found. This way, the number of domains searched are hundreds in a single search. Just thick the option “External Page Crawling”






Expired Domain Spy keeps getting better and better.


Coming soon….Find Web 2.0 with authority available to register…..


Join us while we are in beta and before prices goes up….