Buying an expired domain is pretty damn easy with our expired domain tool.We have worked hard behind the scenes to ensure that searches within our expired domain tool don’t return tens of thousands of bad results but it’s important to remember that you still have to do some manual checks. Below, we will go through a typical example of how our tool is used – please remember that every user of the tool will require something different to other users so you should have a clear idea of what it is you want from your expired domain and how much you want to spend. You will also want to think about which metrics you value (we use DA, MozRank (both moz.com metrics), Google PageRank, Age & backlinks.

1 – Using The Expired Domain Spy Tool

When you first open up the tool you will see a search/menu/navigation/filter at the top, a set of 10 domains just below and a page selection at the bottom. First we will talk about the filters and search options.

1.1 – Using the Expired Domain Spy Filters

Keyword Filter

If we move from left to right, the first thing you will see is the keyword box. The explanation for this option should go without saying but after using this tool for a long time we encourage you not to base your search on a keyword. You might be lucky and find a domain with your keyword in it but most keywords have hundreds of other keyword possibilities and since Google’s algorithm change (which targets exact match keyword domain names) having an exact match keyword in your domain name no longer provides you with ranking boosts unless the site is of good quality.


2 – Check the backlinks

Using a service like Open Site Explorer you can check the domains backlinks. This is integral to whether the expired domain is actually useful for you.