Dominate Your Niche: Secret Weapon Revealed

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    Private crawlers are the tool agencies and SEO´s are using to rank in medium and high competitive niches.

    • Your own private crawl machine with unique results
    • Adjust number of threats according to your pc/vps
    • Unlimited/limited crawl depth
    • Metrics on the fly PA/DA - CF/TF & Ref.dom
    • Crawl from ARCHIVE

    Crawl Archive and External Links

    Find Expired Domains

    Check MOZ y Majestic on the fly

    • Start from any domain

      You need to find domains in a specific niche, crawl an authority site and get expired domains with links from that specific site and more

    • Fast and reliable

      Crawl at the speed of your PC/VPS. With more than 50 threats at the same time, find hundreds of expired domains within minutes

    • Run on your PC

      Run into your PC or VPS and get the results to yourself

    • Personal tool

      No database or results shared among clients. Your private tool to crawl and find uniques domains

    Regular Price: $47/m
    Limited Time Only: $17/m

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    Great tool to find expired domains. We have built a 100+ PBN in just a couple of weeks

    Jose Ramon

    Use it with care, it´s too powerful. I got a few gems and register them for 6$ each. I saved so much time not looking at auctions for hours